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Impact windows in FloridaParadise Exteriors, Hurricane Impact Windows, South Florida Replacement Window Contractors are a much better form of protection than plywood or shutters for several reasons, which we’ll list below. But the biggest benefit is that hurricane impact windows are always on duty, protecting your home and providing you with peace of mind whether you are there or not.

Here are the many benefits of hurricane impact windows:

    • As mentioned, hurricane windows are always “on duty.” You don’t have to put them up or take them down. There’s no hauling lumber, pounding nails, or climbing ladders required. In the event of violent weather, all you need to do is make sure they’re closed and locked.
    • They’re incredibly strong, specifically designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, rain and airborne debris.
    • Hurricane windows are beautiful. They look much like regular windows and are available in an array of finishes and options to complement your home’s appearance.
    • Unlike windows covered by shutters or plywood, hurricane windows allow daylight into your home when the electricity goes out, and you’ll be able to see what’s going on outside while you and your family take shelter from the storm.
    • They require less maintenance. The hurricane windows we install are built so durably and with such precision that you’ll never need to do a thing to keep them working perfectly for decades. They never need to be painted, puttied or sealed; there’s nothing to lubricate, so you will never need to worry about sticking sashes again!
    • They protect against break-ins, burglars and vandals as well as hurricanes. A window designed to stand up to hurricane winds is virtually unbreakable. You and your family can sleep soundly knowing your home is secure.
    • They are energy efficient. The glass used in the construction of hurricane impact windows provides four times the energy efficiency of single-pane glass windows. Installing hurricane windows will help you save money on the energy costs of heating and cooling your home.
    • They filter out 99% of damaging UV rays that can cause premature deterioration of your drapes, carpets, furnishings, and floors.
    • They reduce noise. One of the first things our clients notice after we install their windows is how quiet their home becomes. Hurricane windows act as a powerful sound barrier and can reduce outside noise by as much as 50%, enhancing the tranquility of your home’s interior.
    • Having hurricane impact windows installed may lower your insurance premiums. Check with your homeowner’s insurance carrier to see what kind of a discount is available – it could be as much as 50%.
  • They enhance the value of your home. Thinking of selling your home? Because of the many benefits they provide, hurricane impact resistant windows are a much sought-after upgrade.

Hurricane impact windows do more than just protect your loved ones and property from violent weather year round. They’re a valuable addition to your home and a very wise investment.

soft-lite-logoImpact-resistant hurricane windows manufactured by Soft-Lite protect homes against airborne debris from strong winds, storms and other forms of violent weather—as well as provide numerous additional benefits. They help protect against intrusion and provide a greater level of safety. These windows also help block harmful UV light, deaden sound and make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

In the event of violent weather, you won’t need to do anything with your windows other than to ensure that they’re closed and locked. And—unlike windows covered by shutters or plywood—you’ll have daylight in your home when the electricity is out during and after bad weather.

South Florida impact windows from Soft-Lite feature three panes of glass—two of which sandwich an invisible yet tough protective interlayer. They also feature a high-performance SolarControl Max® Low-E coating, argon gas between the panes and heavy-duty double locks. Soft-Lite offers several models of hurricane windows so that you can choose the best hurricane windows for the protection you need in your geographical area.

Types of Soft-Lite Hurricane Windows

Armor Max Plus Impact Windows

armor-max-plus-impact-windowsThese impact windows made by Soft-Lite are manufactured specifically for areas prone to violent weather like hurricanes. As beautiful as they are tough, Armor Max Plus™ windows meet Level “D” hurricane standards for protection against airborne debris and strong winds. These windows also provide cost-saving energy efficiency, outstanding protection against intrusion, filtering of damaging UV rays, significant sound reduction and greater safety.

Armor Max Plus hurricane impact windows feature a new design, engineered specifically to give you the protection you need and the beauty and ease of use you will appreciate. They will protect your home and loved ones from violent weather year round. Having easily passed all ASTM Large Missile Impact Level “D” tests, Armor Max Plus windows can be installed anywhere, even right on the coastline. Click below to see information on the different types of Armor Max Plus windows.

Armor Impact Plus Windows

impact-windowsAIP hurricane impact replacement windows in South Florida protect your home against airborne debris from strong winds, storms and other forms of violent weather. Soft-Lite AIP hurricane replacement windows have passed ASTM E 1886-04/1996-04 tests and therefore provide Level “C” protection—up to 130 miles per hour.

In a class of their own, these windows are as beautiful as they are durable. Their heavy-duty, multi-chambered frame and sash construction—and the thermal properties of the insulating glass system—also makes them highly energy efficient for greater home comfort and lower home energy consumption.

The distinctive sculptured design of AIP double-hung and sliding hurricane windows will make your home more beautiful. You also have an array of finishes and other dazzling options to choose from to allow your windows to give your home a unique, personalized look.

5400 Series DP-50 Storm Windows

Paradise Exteriors, 5400 Series Impact Windows, South Florida Replacement Window ContractorsRugged, heavy-duty 5400 Series windows are specifically designed to help protect your home against intrusion and make your home as “green” and energy-efficient as possible. They are rigorously tested and rated to stringent window industry DP-50 standards. These super-tough windows are ideal for locations—such as coastal areas—that require windows that keep out wind and water but don’t need to include costly “impact” glass.

5400 Series windows help maintain constant temperatures throughout your home to keep you more comfortable and healthy—and lower your energy bills. Soft-Lite offers you numerous ENERGY STAR® qualified high-performance glass options with its windows, so that you can select the perfect level of thermal efficiency for your home.

These highly advanced windows also provide you with benefits like greater safety and security, easy operation and extremely low maintenance.

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