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Metal Roofing Systems
Commercial Metal Roofing
We highly recommend metal roofing due to its perfect balance between durability and style. Metal commercial roofing is also fire resistant, immune to most elemental forces, and extremely energy efficient.

We’re specialists in commercial metal roofing systems. Generally speaking, we use tiles or pieces of metal to create our metal roofing systems, in addition to a form of galvanized steel – that is corrugated – to form our metal sheeting apparatuses.

Commercial metal roofing systems have several distinct advantages over other commercial roofing materials and systems. Due to the light weight of metal materials our crews can easily assemble or dissemble metal roofing materials, making for impressive portability. In addition, our metal utility and agricultural metal panels tend to last approximately 25 years. Thus, we believe that metal roofing systems are portable, lightweight, and durable.

The roofing industry has developed proprietary metal amalgams, consisting of copper and zinc hybrids to further enhance the durability and strength only commercial metal roofing systems can provide – while reducing costs substantially. We strongly recommend metal roofing systems if your commercial or industrial establishment is spacious – due to the impressive strength to weight ratio that they provide.

In addition to all of the benefits we’ve mentioned, commercial metal roofing systems are also resistant to elemental forces such as hail, fire, wind, and snow. In fact, we would recommend commercial metal roofing systems as your first choice if your industrial or commercial complex is situated in a northern or mountainous region due to their snow shedding abilities.

As for the environmentally conscious, we recommend metal roofing systems due to their biodegradability. We use copper and aluminum materials that are made of 90% recyclable material. Thus, our commercial metal roofing systems are highly flexible, energy efficient, and require minimal maintenance.

However, metal roofs are not without their disadvantages. Due to the fact that metal expands via heat, you must take into account the disruptive noises that may develop over time. Metal roofing materials also tend to be more expensive than other materials. Overall, however, we believe that metal roofing systems’ pros outweigh their cons.

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