True Blue Solar Shield provides homeowners with a multitude of benefits that will far exceed a 100% return on investment.

Save on Energy

Save on insulating your property with True Blue Solar Shield because it doesn’t cost any more than fiberglass panels. You will also save up to 40% on your energy bill. By reflecting solar solar energy that would normal enter your attic in the summer and trapping warmth that would normally escape in the winter. These insulation properties reduce the workload on your AC and heating system, providing a dramatic energy savings.

Earth Friendly

True Blue Solar Shield is the ultimate in green insulation because it’s made from recycled cotton. In fact, it contains 95% recycled content and it takes less energy to produce it than fiberglass. No other product on the market is like what we offer.

11-Point Energy Inspection Includes:

  1. The Attic – Ventilation, including Soffits, Existing Insulation, Reflective Insulation, HVAC System Duct Work, Entrance Cover
  2. Water Heater – Needs True Blue Water Heater Blanket, Temperature Setting
  3. True Blue Pipe Wrap
  4. Thermostats
  5. Outlet Covers
  6. Light Bulbs – LED Recommended
  7. Attic Air Sealing
  8. Windows & Doors
  9. Garage Door
  10. Soffit System
  11. Refrigerator

Repel Solar Heat

True Blue Solar Shield integrates a layer of aluminum on one side of the insulation sheet that is installed outward towards your roof. This aluminum layer helps reflect solar radiant heat that passes through your roof initially, reflecting it back out through your roof instead of into your attic. Reflecting up to 97% of the solar radiation, this metallic insulative barrier presents a radiant barrier to the solar heat to dramatically increase energy efficiency and savings, unlike traditional fiberglass or blown installation.

Stay Warm in Winter

While a reflect layer of aluminum is integrated on the outward-facing side of True Blue Solar Shield, the inward-facing side is comprised of recycled cotton. This cotton layer helps trap heat that rises through your attic, reducing the heats ability to escape outside through your roof.

Keep Cool in the Summer

One of the biggest problems that homeowners face for energy efficiency is a hot attic in the summer. This heat radiate down into the home, increasing the requirements of your AC system to keep you cool and raising your energy cost significantly. Anyone can see this in their summer vs. winter electric bill. However, for those that have AC or heating equipment in their attic, this heat also puts a stress on this equipment, potentially shortening its lifespan. True Blue Solar Shield’s integrated aluminum layer helps repel this energy with up to 97% efficiency to keep your AC system from working overtime.

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